Monday, August 31, 2009

Resume Tip of the Day

The recruiting season is officially well underway and resumes are flying across cyberspace with lightening speed and frequency to match. So how do you make sure your resume stands out, is noticed, read, remembered and found at a later date?

In an email attachment, the title of your document may make the difference. So before you attach your resume, that's saved according to your own personal filing system, rename it. For example if your resume is saved as "cgsmresume.doc" rename it as "John Doe Resume Fall 2009 resume.doc." If your resume is saved as johndoeforjpmorgan.doc, rename it "John Doe xyz position title.doc"

When you send your resume, it should always place your name in the title. If you are applying for a specific position, include that in the name of your document too. For example, when I applied to this position, the email attachment looked like this: "Rachel Delcau Student and Alumni Relations Manager Resume" and the cover letter was titled accordingly as well.

Following this simple method will help you build your personal brand with recruiters, who see hundreds if not thousands of resume attachments every season. When you include the name of the position you go one step further in allowing the recruiters to immediately identify you with the position to which you are applying, which may be helpful on multiple levels.

The only time not to follow this procedure is if the application instructions call for something else.

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