Monday, February 9, 2009

Meet our Panelist: Theo Lubke

Theo Lubke is a Senior Vice President in the Bank Supervision Group at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York where he heads the Financial Infrastructure Department and oversees the New York Fed’s efforts to improve the resiliency of the OTC derivatives infrastructure. Prior to that, he managed the supervisory relationships with large, complex foreign banking organizations.
Prior to joining Bank Supervision, Mr. Lubke headed the Electronic Payments Function, where he managed the New York Fed’s Fedwire operations. Previously, he had been in the Research Group where his work primarily focused on risk management of wholesale payment and settlement systems. During that time, he represented the New York Fed on committees at the Bank for International Settlements coordinating the G-10 effort to reduce foreign exchange settlement risk and developing core principles for the design and oversight of payment systems.
Before joining the New York Fed in 1995, he worked on the staff of the National Economic Council at the White House. Previously, he had worked as an investment banking analyst at Lehman Brothers.
Mr. Lubke holds a B.A. from Harvard College and a Master of Public Policy from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government.

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